Telehealth helps with brain-injury recovery; iPhone glucose meter plug-in gets FDA clearance;

> A cool new support program uses telehealth to help brain-injury patients recover and build solid social network and friendships, reports The Roanoke Times. Article

> The iBGStar glucose meter just received U.S. Food & Drug Administration clearance, becoming what may be the first plug-in monitor approved for use with the iPhone or iPod Touch, according to Mobiledia. Article

> Check out this forward-looking, excited blog on the future of wireless tech, courtesy of the Huffington Post. Here's just one highlight: Eight trillion texts were sent in 2011. Article

> Fortune magazine downplays mHealth's potential, warning of over-hyped startups and an impending bubble-bursting reality check in the next year or so. Article

> Scottish doctors achieved a pulmonary ultrasound with a webcam, iPhone and Skype. Talk about low-cost healthcare! Article

> Remote patient monitoring vendor Sotera just secured $12 million in financing, a new deal with Cerner and is heading full-speed for a rollout of its new ViSi Mobile System in early 2012. Article

> An article in American Medical News points out rising security risks associated with mobile devices in healthcare. Definitely worth a look. Article

And Finally... For some people, potty humor never gets old. Article