Survey: Adoption of health apps not widespread

Consumer use of health apps on their desktops or mobile devices is not very popular, according to a September 2013 survey from AYTM Market Research. Only seven percent of respondents indicated that they often use health-related apps, 13 percent said they rarely use health apps, 20 percent said they sometimes use the apps, while 60 percent never use health related apps.

Moreover, of those surveyed who have used health apps, just 10 percent said they feel these apps have had a large impact on their health. Though 57 percent indicated that health apps have somewhat impacted their overall health, 29 percent said they don't think health apps have had much of an impact, and 4 percent said they haven't had any impact on their health at all.

Nevertheless, fitness apps were the most popular of the health-related apps with 51 percent of survey participants indicating that they have used apps relating to fitness. In addition, 50 percent of those surveyed have used general health apps, 31 percent have used diet-related apps, 18 percent have used apps relating to diseases, and six percent have used other types of health apps, such as sleep or allergy related apps. Article