App that evaluates child development as good as standard model

Smartphone screen showing app images

A smartphone app version of the standard Parents Evaluation Developmental Status works just as well as the traditional tool used by community health workers, according to a recent study.

The digital PEDS tool is a near perfect option of today’s paper-based approach, according to the Telemedicine and eHealth report, and may foster more assessments in high-risk communities and grow early teleintervention services in underserved communities.

“This makes early detection of developmental delays in underserved communities possible toward preventative measures and early initiation of necessary interventions,” according to the study's authors, who add that community screening results can be shared with a telehealth framework and provide functionality regarding informational counseling, appointments and reminders.

The researchers note that developmental screening is critical in establishing early detection and referral to early intervention services, especially during the first three years of a child’s life

Creating digital solutions to traditional medical and healthcare approaches is a growing trend. As FierceMobileHealthcare reported last week a tablet-based tool is being viewed as good as a psychiatrist in assessing near-term suicide risk.

The Telemedicine and eHealth study notes that such digital tools could prove invaluable in low-income countries, such as South Africa, where developmental delays are more prevalent and screening is very limited.

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