Samsung releases mHealth software kit; App can aid in skin cancer diagnosis;

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> IBM believes its supercomputer Watson will one day play a compelling role in helping users learn and investigate personal health issues and concerns, according to a Data Center Knowledge report. It's looking to develop a mobile app, Pathway Panorama, that will tap millions of medical and healthcare documents, as well as a user's DNA, healthcare records and lifestyle insight to provide answers on topics from caffeine intake to exercise needs. Article

> Samsung Electronics is releasing its consumer health software development kit to ignite app building for its Samsung Architecture for Multimodal Interactions, according to a Venture Beat report. The apps will run on its newly debuted Simband wearable that boasts multiple biometric sensors for measuring vitals such as blood CO2 and heartbeat rate. Article

> An app developed by researchers at the Romania University of Bucharest, called SkinVision, can detect the skin cancer melanoma with an accuracy of 73 percent using just an image, according to Business Insider. Researchers say it does not replace diagnosis or treatment by a dermatologist but should help in early detection and raise awareness of the risks of melanoma. Article

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> Greater access to information and greater sharing of that information with friends and family is prompting patients to pay greater attention to treatment and health issues, according to a study published in the Journal of Medical Internet Research. The study focused on the use of OpenNotes that provides patients electronic access to medical notes by doctors. Article

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> Wellness programs featuring a deep holistic care aspect can lower health risks and reduce stress and depression among employees, according to Employee Benefits News. A case in point is Prudential Financial, which has seen a "steady improvement" in employees' health risks over the past four years due to wellness programs. Article

And Finally ... Stone Age human footprints found in Denmark. Article