Physicians split on iPad's impact as healthcare apps debut

The iPad won't be on sale for another month, but the floodgates have already opened for apps to run on the new Apple device, the healthcare field included. We report elsewhere in today's newsletter that Epocrates will tailor its signature drug reference database for the iPad, but Epocrates is far from alone.

Last week, we had a news brief about Voalté's app for point-of-care communication. Now, we learn that CoActiv Medical will have an iPad app for PACS image viewing.

All this is great, but we're still waiting to, you know, actually get our hands on an iPad. Physicians are, too, at least the ones heavily involved in IT. CMIO magazine is running an online poll of its readers, and a small majority believes that the iPad is something that is functional enough to be widely adopted within healthcare.

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