Physician-to-physician communications smoothed via Apello network

Apello Technologies has created a new Apello Physicians Network, an add-on service for the company's existing Patient Tracker app, which allows physicians to capture, store and retrieve their own patient data on their iPhones. The application is available via Apple's iTunes store.

The physicians network app allows doctors to share patient data with others on the patient's care team, according to company statements. Doctors can use the system to send text or voice messages, fax documents, and share their own notes on the patients' condition, changes, medications, treatments, H&P, and the like.

Filecluster praised the network apps' security features, which include running the app through dedicated, HIPAA-compliant servers (keeping the data safe in case of loss or theft of the phone itself), and providing password and encryption protections for the data. "Unbelievable security features for a free app!" the filecluster review declares.

No word yet on when versions might be available for Android, Blackberry or other platforms.

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