Patients more eager for wireless health connectivity, online health records

Patients are rapidly getting onboard with mobile health technology, according to a study released yesterday by the Consumer Electronics Association. The general message from the study, The New Role of Technology in Consumer Health and Wellness is this: Consumers understand the technology that's becoming available, and are eager to try it out. Here are some highlights:

  • 36 percent of consumers say they want to be able to send information to their doctor wirelessly;
  • 33 percent want to manage their health records online;
  • 32 percent want to have telehealth visits with their doctors.

And it seems you've got your medical staff to thank for all this technology enthusiasm. The study notes that "doctors play a major role in educating consumers about technology, as more than half of consumers said they consult their healthcare provider for information on health technology services."

One surprising point: Patients seem to have a solid understanding of the less-well-publicized remote patient monitoring technologies, too. They're interested in trying:

  • Body weight scales (44 percent);
  • Vital sign meters and gauges (40 percent);
  • Mobile fitness devices (37 percent).

And this level of patient engagement should only go up in the months ahead, according to a key index released by CEA.

To learn more:
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