Nortel puts its own mobile technology to work for in-house clinic

It only makes sense that a telecommunications and technology firm would want to put some of its own products to work in an effort to improve care and, naturally, hold down health costs for its employees. That's exactly what Nortel Networks is doing with a new prototype medical clinic at its Richardson, TX, offices, leaning on established technologies like Wi-Fi, cellular and RFID to help doctors, nurses and practices with all sorts of workflow issues.

The Dallas Morning News reports that Nortel has set up an electronic notification system so doctors can discharge hospitalized patients faster and prevent bed bottlenecks. The company also is developing an electronic check-out system for nurses' phones so each nurse has a dedicated mobile phone number for the length of her shift and the front desk knows exactly who is on duty and how to reach them. Likewise, patients can be assigned phone numbers that follow them through the hospital.

Nortel is said to be planning similar prototype clinics for London and Dubai.

For details on Nortel's healthcare experiment:
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