New cardiac remote monitoring kit extends testing to two weeks

Canadian vendor, m-Health Solutions Inc., just debuted a new smartphone-based cardiac monitoring system that allows patients to track their cardiac rhythms over a full two weeks--far beyond the usual 24-hour period most in-home devices can handle.

Physicians attach the electrodes during an in-office visit, then send the patient home, officials told the Hamilton Spectator. Afterward, m-Health Solutions mails a kit with a smartphone that has the cardiac app loaded on it. The app monitors and tracks cardiac status for two full weeks, with the phone auto-sending data at predetermined times. At the end of the testing period, the patient detaches the phone and mails it back to m-Health for analysis, company officials explain.

The system runs on BlackBerry smartphones for now, although that shouldn't be a big surprise, given that Research In Motion's co-CEO Jim Balsillie sits on m-Health Solutions' board. No clear indications yet which other platforms m-Health will target next.

The company got a big thumbs-up from its government minders this week, however. Checking up on the $100,000 grant the government had awarded to m-Health Solutions, Canadian minister of state Gary Goodyear called the effort a "success story" and an example of how the government wants to continue to "commercialize new discoveries."

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