New app for IVF pregnancy predictions; Voalte whitepaper deals with smartphone readiness;

> A new app allows IVF pregnancy prediction via smartphone, with a 99 percent accuracy rating, creators say. Article 

> Smartphone-app vendor Voalte has a new white paper about hospital smartphone readiness: "The Smartphone Tsunami- Will Your Hospital Sink or Swim?" White paper (registration required) 

> Apple debuted a new app for post-surgical care of pediatric patients with congenital heart problems. Created by nurses at the University of Florida, the app allows nurses to track patient progress, view images of cardiac defects and surf through cardiac literature. App description

> Mobile security expert Dan Kaminsky's new $3 DanKam smartphone app helps colorblind users distinguish real colors onscreen, Network World reports. It could be a lifesaver for colorblind clinicians struggling to read reports onscreen, or determine the color of a patient-related image. Article 

And Finally... Be careful with bath salts...they could be narcotics. No, seriously! Article