mHealth tool reinvents house calls; Wireless expands in hospitals due to growth of mobile tech;

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> Mobile technology is re-inventing the house call by physicians, with concierge medical practices using telemedicine tools for personalized care in a quicker, more efficient manner, Daniel Carlin, M.D., president of WorldClinic, says in a Forbes article. "Telemedicine, paired with mobile technologies, allows the doctor to come to the patient quickly for diagnosis and treatment, if needed. So there's no waiting in line and no getting lost in the shuffle," he says. Article

> Wireless infrastructures are growing rapidly within the healthcare organizations thanks to the wave of mobile device use and deployment, reports SearchHealthIT. The benefits gained range from improved workflow and efficient asset management to secure real-time communications for providers and patients. Article

> MediSafe, a worldwide medication management platform, intends to use its latest $6 million in funding raised to spur platform functionality, improve user experience and close the medication adherence gap, which the company claims is costing the U.S. healthcare sector $290 billion a year. Announcement

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> A Senate report highlights the obstacles thwarting healthcare innovation and may serve as a 'call to action' to eliminate and reduce regulation complexity which is cited as a big hurdle facing healthcare technology advancement. The report says there is need for a digital infrastructure that effectively acquires, aggregates and analyzes the range of data being produced. Article

> A Philadelphia hospital is deploying a virtual medical service for cost-efficient care. The program lets doctors perform consultations via video apps with patients, which helps reduce the high costs of emergency room visits, according to a Bloomberg report. Article

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> Anthem is tapping IBM for a hybrid cloud platform to help consolidate IT infrastructure and has signed a five-year, $500 million deal, according to Healthcare Payer News. Anthem will use both the IBM Cloud as well as its in-house mainframe and data center for launching new products. The platform will save money and boost IT flexibility. Article

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