Menstruation app finally arrives on iOS; Mobile platform aims to help patients stay sober;

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> Seabrook House is tapping mobile healthcare company Triggr Health for a new care outreach effort aimed at helping discharged patients recovering at home. Through a platform developed by Triggr, outpatients can get real-time support and the system can alert providers of potential relapse situations for discharged patients via data monitoring and tracking capabilities. Announcement

> A new app in Apple's iOS 9 update may provide something many women have been longing for in a mHealth tool: the ability to accurately track a menstruation cycle, according to Wired. The Clue app will provide users with a range of data, from body temperature to ovulation test results to basic weight. Article

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> In the first half of 2015, there were more than 245.9 million records breached worldwide--with the largest impacting consumers of health insurance company Anthem. The number of breaches so far this year has hit 888, according to a report from Breach Level Index, compared to 803 in the first half of 2014. Article

> A new website developed by the Department of Veterans Affairs is set to become a one-stop-shop for service members to get information on agency services. The new site,, will become a "harbor," pulling information in from the VA's other sites, according to Chief Veterans Experience Officer Tom Allin. Article

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> Though individuals with chronic conditions often are costly to insure, having health insurance appears to improve such patients' health and increase diagnosis of their conditions, a new study suggests. In an article summarizing their findings in this month's issue of Health Affairs, the study authors estimate that there would be 1.5 million more people diagnosed with one or more of a select group of chronic conditions and 659,000 fewer uncontrolled cases among these individuals if the number of non-elderly uninsured Americans were cut in half. Article

> Consumer and industry groups alike have expressed concerns about a "Cybersecurity Bill of Rights" proposed this summer by state insurance commissioners. The National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC) created the bill of rights to guide insurers' response to data breaches as well as explain how consumers can seek help if they are affected by a breach. The NAIC also is evaluating whether insurers are doing enough to protect customers' sensitive information. Article

And Finally... Yes, that dolphin is actually pink. Article