KPMG survey reveals distrust in mobile EMRs; IBM, UPMC to commercialize 'smart room' technology

> Just 25 percent of consumers surveyed by KPMG would be comfortable with accessing their medical records on mobile devices, while nearly 40 percent said they would not be. Article

> IBM and the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center are expanding their longstanding relationship by commercializing "smart room" bedside technologies. Press release

> El Camino Hospital, Mountain View, Calif., has reduced door-to-balloon time for heart attack patients with the help of Medtronic's Lifenet wireless ECG system. Article

> Telemedicine firm InteractiveMD demonstrated its videoconferencing platform on a Chicago morning TV show. Video

> Business Insider offers 10 ways the iPad is making a difference in healthcare. Slide show

> Airstrip Technologies has received FDA approval to market its remote patient monitoring technology for critical care and cardiology. Press release (.pdf)

> The FDA also cleared the WellDoc DiabetesManager for remote monitoring of type 2 diabetes. Press release

And Finally ... Well sure, nobody wants to attack the Dutch. Article