Jawbone launches wearable user tracking service for enterprise clients

Fitness device vendor Jawbone is debuting a new tracking service aiming to drive employee device loyalty and increase employee buy-in of the wellness wearable, according to a Forbes report.

The "Up for Groups" dashboard app helps companies assess and track all employee Jawbone use in aggregate, a more sophisticated data insight than through a company API option, according to Forbes. Jawbone also announced a bulk discount device purchase program.

"We've been asked by different employers to create dashboards that help enable the tracking," Travis Bogard, Jawbone VP of product management, told Forbes.

Jawbone is playing a bit of catch-up in launching the tracking app as competitors, including Fitbit, debuted a similar discount bulk sales program and software nearly a year ago. Market newcomers, notes Forbes, such as Jiff and Pact, are also introducing devices with tracking and data aggregation software as well. Article