iSonea debuts asthma app platform

Medical device company iSonea just teamed up with wireless/mobile company Qualcomm to create apps for asthma patients. The duo will create a smartphone platform for iSonea's acoustic respiratory monitoring (ARM) device, WheezoMeter, allowing patients to capture pulmonary sounds with the device, then use the platform to transmit the sounds to physicians, according to a story at Highlight Health 2.0.

Patients also can report breathing distress symptoms along with any possible environmental triggers, plus their responses to recommended treatments--all of which allow physicians to better track their condition, as well as progress.

The data is transmitted via smartphone to a cloud-based server, which clinicians and caregivers can access through a secure portals, the company says.

iSonea just jumpstarted a clinical trial of the WheezoMeter device, according to a listing at

The new app platform is a far more clinical approach to asthma management than other apps that have debuted in the past. For example, Ford Motor Company offers an asthma app, but mainly for informing drivers of environmental conditions that could trigger an attack. Others, like MyAsthmaLog created by the University of London, allow patients to log and share their symptom histories when attacks occur, but don't actually provide patients a clinical monitoring tool.

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