iPad 'commandments': 'Mobile, capable and handy' device could be a breakthrough

Apple's new iPad hasn't even hit the market yet, but people already are making big plans to use the portable device in healthcare. Mobile physician Dr. Blaine Warkentine and "e-futurist" Doug Goldstein have gotten together to create the 10 Commandments for iPad Success in Healthcare. (Unlike Moses, Steve Jobs needs just one tablet.)

The iPad lacks a camera, USB ports and multitasking abilities. It can't run streaming video or Flash animations. Yet Warkentine and Goldstein believe as many as one in five U.S. physicians could buy one. From what people can tell now, it will be as easy to use--and to learn to use--as a certain other Apple product called the iPhone. It also will "create a seismic shift in usability and scalability to the burgeoning fields of TeleHealth, mHealth, and Health 2.0 for older generations," Warkentine and Goldstein say, and connect health professionals with patients.

Other "commandments" include: Thou Shalt Be Low Cost; Thou Shalt Provide Immediate Scalability to Innovator; and  Thou Shalt Reduce Health Care Expenditures. Oh yeah, there's this one, too: Sheer Awesomeness Shall Make Me Cool.

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