How mHealth ubiquity will 'transform' the care industry

Mobile tools can play a critical role in keeping healthcare costs down, improving patient care, boosting communication between physicians and patients and fostering self-care management, writes Nirav Desai, principal healthcare strategist at Mobiquity, in a guest blog post at VentureBeat

Desai cites a recent Mobiquity study that reveals 73 percent of consumers who use mHealth tools for health and fitness believe they are healthier as a direct result. The report predicts that 2014 will be the year that mHealth apps hit the mainstream and become as ubiquitous as mobile games, personal time management software and retail shopping apps. In fact, 70 percent of consumers polled said they are using fitness and health monitoring apps on a daily basis, and 63 percent plan to expand their use over the next five years.

"By leveraging the convenience, ubiquity and increasing intelligence of mHealth tools, we will not only help the Affordable Care Act achieve its goal of supporting the healthcare 'Triple Aim,' but will also transform the industry in ways we've not yet even imagined," Desai writes. Post