Hispanic use of mHealth differs from other groups; Telehealth becoming a career path;

> A new white paper from HolaDoctor.com is chock-full of interesting, and surprising information about mHealth and its use by Hispanics in the U.S. The author is a vendor, of course, but does provide some intriguing analysis of the Hispanic market for mHealth technology. Take a look! Article

> Telehealth is becoming a healthcare career path, reports Forbes, with physicians, nurses, and even medical transcriptionists using it as a "work-at-home" option. Article

> The University of California, San Francisco and QuantiaMed just created a healthcare app that uses game-show tactics to teach diabetes concepts and encourage compliance. Press release

> Sleep-system vendor Zeo just created a mobile version of its Sleep Manager system, enabling it to wirelessly send data to iPhones, iPads, and Android smartphones. Article

> Get some unusual insight into HHS chief technology officer Todd Parks' thinking about healthcare--and mobile--innovation in the coming years. Article

> Health and wellness firm Numera just created a Facebook page to leverage social networking for patient monitoring, communications, and more. The company has invited providers, insurers, employers, and others to create their own custom plug-ins to the Numera Facebook platform. Article

> Eleven hospitals are pilot testing the Happtique app store concept. Among the participants are Beth Israel Deaconess and Mount Sinai Hospital. Press release

> Telehealth and remote patient monitoring technologies are getting closer together in a cardiac monitoring deal between Spaulding and GrandCare. Announcement

And Finally... "Sexy chicken" now on Twitter. Article