Happtique CEO resigns amid company refocus, budget cuts

Just a couple months after publishing final standards for its mHealth application certification program with great fanfare, New York-based mobile healthcare provider Happtique has gone through a corporate shake-up, MobiHealthNews reports. According to the article, Happtique CEO Ben Chodor has resigned his post in response to the decision by Happtique's parent company,  Greater New York Hospital Association's for-profit arm GNYHA Ventures, to re-focus Happtique just on hospital customers and to strip upwards of $1 million out of Happtique's budget. 

In a written statement to MobiHealthNews, Brian Conway, GNYHA's Senior Vice President of Communications, wrote: "Happtique has not had a $1 million budget reduction, nor anything close to it. We have instead repurposed our budget in the short term, and are in fact expanding in areas such as software engineering and clinical resources. Further, Ben Chodor is still deeply involved in the company and has transitioned to a role focused more on Happtique's strategic growth and less on day-to-day management. As for Happtique's focus, it has always been primarily on hospitals, but we continue to actively explore other key mHealth sectors. And as for certification and mRx, both are 100 percent on track." Article