Fitbit claims accounts hacked in 'malcious' attack; Ford to open wearables lab, test health data integration in vehicles;

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> Fitbit accounts are being hacked in what the wearables company is calling a "malicious" attack, according to BuzzFeed. Fitbit won't provide insight on the hacking incidents but claims it's a "small proportion" and that the hackers gained account access from email addresses and passwords taken from third-party sites. BuzzFeed reports users are angry about Fitbit's response to the criminal activity. Article

> Ford is opening an Automotive Wearables Experience lab at its research and innovation center in Michigan and innovations may include integration of health data with a vehicle that could prove useful when drivers are sleepy or stressed. "Wearable technology integrated with the vehicle allows for more accurate biometric data to stream continuously and alert active driver-assist systems to become more sensitive if the driver shows signs of compromised health or awareness," said Gary Strumolo, global manager for vehicle design and infotronics, Ford Research and Advanced Engineering. Announcement

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> Nearly after a year after President Barack Obama announced his Precision Medicine Initiative, healthcare would be even better served by applying the precision model to preventive care, argues Stanford Medicine Dean Lloyd Minor, M.D. Article

> In an effort to stay ahead of the curve, the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center (UPMC) health system is continuing to develop and market healthcare IT solutions. Article

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> Women are choosing alternatives to giving birth in hospitals, including the increasingly popular option of choosing a doula to help with their care. For this reason, according to an issue brief from the organization Child Birth Connection, Medicaid and private insurance coverage of doula services could strengthen maternal and infant health. Article

And Finally... One day our clothing may be self-heating. Article