Feds deploy patient monitoring app into emergency response strategy

In the next six months, the Federal Emergency Management Agency will integrate automated patient tracking capability into its emergency first responder training at the Center for Domestic Preparedness (CDP).

The software, which is mobile device compatible, is viewed as a critical aspect to incident response, say FEMA leaders, according to an article at GCN.com.

"We're incorporating software that can be used on a majority of smart devices found on the commercial market today," Jesse Giddens, the CDP healthcare training manager, said in the article. "These devices allow students to input and record emergency casualty care data into an automated patient tracking system."

The software, using barcode scanning on triage patient tags, will track and identify patients as they are moved through the emergency medical process, from where they are injured to a hospital treatment facility. It will let emergency response teams better manage resources during large disaster response incidents, and will help ensure patients are provided the correct medication and treatment, according to the article. The barcode data can include everything from a patient's name, injuries and treatment to other important case information as well as house photos of the injury. Article