FCC adopts technical rules for public safety network

The Federal Communications Commission has adopted technical service rules for a nationwide public safety wireless broadband network designed to support important data transmission during emergencies, provide first responders with information not currently available (such as vital signs of critically injured people), and foster greater interoperability.

The new rules for operating within the designated spectrum--763-768 megahertz and 793-798 megahertz bands--will ensure that spectrum use in bands adjacent to those designated for use by the First Responder Network Authority will not interfere with the public safety network. "Because of the urgent need to certify equipment in this spectrum band and promote more effective public safety operations, the rules will become effective immediately upon publication in the Federal Register," states an FCC announcement 

The rules, which include power limits and other technical parameters for operating in this spectrum band, will enable vendors to begin developing equipment for the network. The FCC's Office of Engineering and Technology is now accepting and processing applications for equipment certification in the band. Announcement