'Computer, consumer, communications' becomes 'wireless, wellness, wearable'

For the past two decades or so, a mantra in the IT industry has been the 3 C's: computer, consumer, communications.

Let's throw around a couple of new phrases today that could apply to healthcare. First, there are the 3 W's (and no, we don't mean World Wide Web. That's so 1995): "wireless, wellness, wearable."

Or, take it to another level and call it W3P3, for "wireless, wellness, wearable" and "preventive, predictive, personalized."

As much as I'd like to claim these these phrases as my own, I can't. I credit Mohan Kumar Rajagopal, a researcher at Imperial College London, for the 3 W's, and Bhupinder Grewal, vice president of IT outsourcing firm Genpact, for W3P3. (Haven't heard of Genpact? It's an India-based former General Electric subsidiary that's got a coveted single-letter ticker symbol, G, on the New York Stock Exchange.)

I picked up these phrases from the Wireless Health Group on LinkedIn, and at least one, the 3 W's, has been tweeted this morning, so perhaps they're gaining traction. Obviously, I'm publicizing them here, but I'd like to get your feedback. What do you think of these phrases? Any other suggestions? Does wireless health even need a catchy mantra?

This could be a big opportunity here to influence technology developers for years to come. - Neil

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