Apple hiring mHealth tech gurus; App pulls gait into data equation;

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> Apple's on a mobile healthcare guru hiring spree as it develops a team of medical tech leaders for what some say is a push into the mHealth device and mobile healthcare wearable market. According to a new Reuters report, Apple has hired at least six experts in biomedicine, as well as several other sensor technology experts. Article

> The Consumer Electronics Association has created a Health and Fitness Technology Division, formerly a working group in operation for four years, to drive greater awareness of products that can help change lives for the better. A recent CEA report claims the evolution of U.S. healthcare will result in a 142 percent increase over the next five years in personal health and wellness product sales as well as software and service revenues. Announcement

> A new app, GaitTrack, developed by University of Illinois researchers, uses eight motion parameters to provide an analysis of a persona's walking or gait pattern and that data can provide doctors about muscular, neurological and cardiopulmonary health, ECN Magazine reports. Researchers say a person's gait often is viewed as the sixth vital sign after blood pressure, body temp, heart rate, respiratory rate and blood oxygen level. Article

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> A majority of patients who received neurologic follow-up care via video telehealth technologies were "highly satisfied" with the results, according to new research. Of those involved, 87 percent evaluated the approach as improving satisfaction; 90 percent of the patients reported they were "fully satisfied. Article

> Amid the push to more quickly get the results from federal IT projects, five federal agencies--including U.S. Department of Health & Human Services and the Department Veterans Affairs--have not fully met requirements for incremental development, according to a report from the Government Accountability Office (GAO). Article

And Finally... T-Rex had a small cousin in what is now China. Article