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Philip Esformes

Esformes was indicted in July alongside two alleged co-conspirators and charged with orchestrating one of the largest healthcare fraud schemes to date. The Department of Justice said Esformes conspired with Odette Barcha, consultant and director of outreach programs at Larkin Community Hospital, and Larkin physician’s assistant Arnaldo Carmouze to use the network of skilled nursing and assistant living facilities as part of an elaborate $1 billion kickback scheme and billed Medicare and Medicaid for medically unnecessary services by bribing providers at a local hospital. The DOJ called the trio’s plot “ruthlessly effecient.”
Executive looking out window

Special report: 11 notorious healthcare leaders in 2016

As the people at the top of healthcare organizations, executives are expected to be a positive example for employees and inspire staff to work up to their full potential. Easier said than done for some, as there are execs at hospitals and health systems, health insurance companies, medical device manufacturers and pharmaceutical companies who tarnish their reputation and standing within the community. We've rounded the misdeeds and misadventures of 11 healthcare leaders in this special report.