What if health IT ruled the world?

In a lighthearted post on The Health Care Blog, Jaan Sidorov, M.D., postulates on the future of healthcare if technology runs amok--zombie style.

The scenarios are based on true stories and real tech, but with twists that will have healthcare tech geeks chuckling. (In other words, it's funny because it's partly true.)

Sidorov pokes fun at future stages of Meaningful Use, clinical uses for Google Glass, and robots in hospital halls, exam rooms and surgical suites.

In the imagined future, at "one of the few remaining innovation ACOs," EHRs take it upon themselves to keep routine office visits short; at Apple's iHospital, a robotic drug dispensary system goes rogue; and IBM's Watson offers up a startlingly accurate diagnosis of a rare disease … via fictional TV doc Gregory House.

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