Ves Dimov - 11 faces to follow in healthcare social media

Who: Ves Dimov

Occupation: Allergist/Immunologist and Assistant Professor of Medicine and Pediatrics at the University of Chicago; founder of

Twitter handle: @DrVes

Blog: CasesBlog

Why you should follow him: Dimov, who earlier this year ranked as one of the most influential Chicagoans on Twitter via Klout, is another outspoken advocate for physicians using the social networking site. In May, he wrote a blog post detailing how doctors can become Twitter "superstars" just by: (1) reviewing daily news via Google Reader, and (2) tweeting about one's favorite items.

"As a physician, you are an expert in your field," he wrote. "You provide valuable insight-just [by] selecting what you think [is] important from the news of the day. ... Your patients will appreciate the helpful updates, hand-picked by their doctor. Your colleagues may find it interesting, too."

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