Google's Verily, Sanofi team up on $500M diabetes tech venture

Photo credit: Getty/relif

Google’s Verily is teaming up with pharmaceutical giant Sanofi to create devices and software to help patients suffering from diabetes.

The $500-million joint venture, named Onduo, will include the use of Verily’s work in electronics and analytics by Sanofi to develop new sensors that patients with Type 2 diabetes can use to better track blood sugar levels, diet, medications and more, according to an announcement.

Tools could include connected insulin pens and online services.

Diabetes is “an area where we think new tools and sensors will be incredibly helpful," Verily Chief Medical Officer Jessica Mega told Reuters. "We want to ... figure out the right mechanisms to get information to patients. Over time we hope to get information to people that is actionable.”

Other recent endeavors by Verily include the creation of a library that uses machine-learning technology to help medical professionals search for medical information, and a partnership with and Johnson & Johnson to develop an independent surgical solutions company focused on robotics-assisted platforms and medical device tech.