Using SMS Text Messaging to Monitor and Track Weight Loss

San Francisco, CA (PRWEB) August 15, 2011

Capito Life TechnologiesTM, Inc developers and providers of cloud based technologies to support engagement with healthcare consumers has launched textWeightTM 2.0, Built upon an innovative platform supporting ongoing bidirectional SMS messaging-textWeight helps consumers to monitor and track their weight and delivers targeted messages supporting achievement of their weight loss goals. Recognizing the incredible penetration of mobile phones and use of text messaging features, along with a growing need for a significant proportion of the population to reach and maintain a healthy weight; Capito Life Technologies has created a simple solution for monitoring and tracking weight.

Many people probably remember the adage you can't change what you don't measure from high school science class. Or maybe, they even use it in their current business practices. But how often has this principle been utilized to help with weight loss? Unfortunately, not nearly enough.
Independent studies (International Journal of Behavioral Nutrition and Physical Activity 2008, 5:54) have repeatedly shown that people who weigh themselves more frequently tend to lose more weight. textWeight has been developed to help people do just that. The solution is improbably simple, yet just as surprisingly effective: daily, scheduled SMS text messages delivered to any mobile phone to remind participants to weigh themselves each morning and text back their weight. Progress can then be viewed any time of the day on a personal web page, showing weight loss on an easy to read chart.

Taking advantage of the number one item on most people's New Year's Resolution list - to lose weight, textWeight first went online on New Year's Day, 2011. Even without any paid advertising, over 1000 people signed up in the initial days after launch and at 30 days over 75% of those enrolled stayed with the program, experiencing an average weight loss approaching 5 pounds.

Now, based upon extensive user feedback and testing, textWeight 2.0 has launched. The upgraded version provides users with increased control over when they receive reminders to reply with their weight, tips for weight management challenges and messages of encouragement as they approach their personally defined goals. Additionally, since it's been reported that sharing their plans with friend's helps dieters to attain their goals, users have the option to share achievement badges they earn over Facebook and Twitter.

According to Steve Corwin, Chief Strategy Officer and principal, "feedback from users has been great - they love the simplicity of not needing to log into a website or pull up an app to enter data, and call it motivating and inspiring and critically, they feel it holds them accountable." This is consistent with data reported in the 2011 Consumer Health Information Corporation Survey, which indicated healthcare consumers overwhelmingly preferred text messages as their number one choice for health related task reminders.

SMS text message information programs have been available to healthcare consumers to support healthy lifestyles during pregnancy and to provide childhood vaccine tips. Both of these platforms use only registration information to inform the appropriate timing and the content of the message delivered. According to Kevin Morrill, Chief Technology Officer and principal at Capito Life Technologies, "textWeight is the leader in applying the continuous bidirectional SMS texting platform to support healthy living and wellness, capturing user provided preferences at registration and personal behavior and performance data over time to inform the content and delivery of highly targeted and relevant messages."
Registration for textWeight is free to new users during the trial period at

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