US defense agency working on tech to prevent memory loss; Browser extension to help direct needed improvements to Wikipedia medical articles;

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> Forgetting may be a thing of the past as the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency works to create implants that can improve people's memories, according to Nextgov. One DARPA project, Restoring Active Memory, focuses on soldiers who have suffered traumatic brain injury. Article

> A new browser extension released by DocGraph will track what reference sites medical students visit in order to direct improvements to articles on Wikipedia. Batea will aggregate student browsing histories and share them with WikiProject Medicine. Announcement

> Ochsner Health System's innovation lab and Evidation Health are teaming up to create clinical studies on the effect of health tech on patients and care costs. InnovationOchsner's digital capabilities and Evidation Health's tech platform and data analytics program will be combined to better test the impact of digital tools. Announcement

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> Nearly all sexually active people will contract at least one of more than 40 types of the human papillomavirus over the course of their lifetime, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Changing these statistics is largely dependent on physicians. Article

> With physicians' pay fairly flat and ongoing concerns over the cost of medical care, private practices increasingly are looking for ways to trim their budgets and keep their margins high. This means walking a tightrope, since a slip in patient satisfaction can wind up sending revenue elsewhere. Here's some advice for practices looking to keep their balance. Article

And Finally... Yeah, he's definitely from New Jersey. Article