UAMC Installs Asteres ScriptCenter® Kiosk to Increase Pharmacy Revenue

UAMC Installs Asteres ScriptCenter® Kiosk to Increase Pharmacy Revenue

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, the industry’s leading provider of automated kiosks for prescription pick up and consumer product sales in retail, hospital, and DOD/VA pharmacies, announced today their installation at the (UAMC) in Tucson, Arizona. UAMC installed ScriptCenter to grow their out-patient pharmacy revenues by increasing sales of employee prescriptions and patient discharge medications. ScriptCenter provides a secure and convenient 24/7 prescription drop-off and pick up service to hospital employees, especially for those who work when the pharmacy is closed.

The UAMC pharmacy has been operating with extended pharmacy hours to better accommodate their employees’ prescription needs. “In order to staff our pharmacy from 7am-8pm Monday to Friday, we were left short staffed in the middle of the day when we needed our employees most,” said Justin Brock, Manager-Outpatient Pharmacy Services. “Our busiest time for discharge patients is from 12-3pm and we just couldn’t keep up.”

How it works:

1) Employees enroll for ScriptCenter (one-time) to create a unique ID and PIN

2) Employees order their prescriptions as usual

3) Pharmacy fills prescriptions as usual and loads them into ScriptCenter

4) Employees pick up and pay for their prescriptions at ScriptCenter… anytime

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