Twitter users share their love for healthcare with #HealthPolicyValentines

Valentine's Day is almost here, and while for some that may mean chocolates, flowers and a romantic dinner out, for those of use in the healthcare world it can only mean one thing--#HealthPolicyValentines.

Industry professionals flocked to Twitter this week to share their own Valentines to the healthcare industry. Even Centers for Medicaid & Medicare Acting Administrator Andy Slavitt joined in on the fun, tweeting: "If you won't data share/You don't patient care  #HealthPolicyValentines"

Other popular tweets include:

Steven Posnack ‏(@HealthIT_Policy)

I got 99 problems but a precondition ain't one. #HealthPolicyValentines

Health Affairs (‏@Health_Affairs) 

You claim to love me, but your methods haven't been peer reviewed #HealthPolicyValentines

HL7 International ‏(@HL7)

C'mon baby light my #FHIR #HealthPolicyValentines

Emma Sandoe (‏@emma_sandoe)

They said single payer isn't a reality, but this Valentine's diner I am once again a single payer. #HealthPolicyValentines

And one from yours truly:

FierceHealthIT @FierceHealthIT 

If my heart were encrypted, I'd give you the key #HealthPolicyValentines

Have any of your own? Share them in the comments or on Twitter with #HealthPolicyValentines!