To boost patient satisfaction, give patients Wi-Fi, mobile access

Want to improve satisfaction at your organization? Offer free Wi-Fi. 

That's one of the suggestions from a PwC Health Research Institute report released today. Consumers also want to be able to exchange information through online and mobile channels of communication, according to the report, based on a nationwide survey of 6,000 consumers across nearly a dozen industries. 

PwC notes that today's healthcare consumers' expectations mirror those of consumers in other industries--24-hour service and mobile access, for example.

According to the report, the ideal experience is built on nonclinical factors like convenience, customer service and staff attitudes.

"The voice of the customer may be the best kept secret in healthcare, but that's changing as consumers exert greater control over how their healthcare dollars are spent and exercise power to vote with their feet and wallets," PwC U.S. Health Industries leader Kelly Barnes said in a statement. "Hospitals and insurers are competing for loyal customers served by new care and coverage models in a more retail-oriented health market."