Texas Health Resources to put 'risk-based lens' on initiatives, CIO Joey Sudomir says

At Texas Health Resources, newly appointed CIO Joey Sudomir says one of the greatest opportunities to come in his job will be the ability to determine how the health IT department of the future will look.

"[I]f you look at any reform-driven delivery model ... and look at new digital technologies emerging, there will obviously be a shift in what an IT department looks like," Sudomir tells Healthcare Informatics in an interview. "So we're determining what that will look like to determine how best to serve our patients and our communities."

Sudomir replaced Edward Marx as CIO at the Arlington, Texas, health system in July after serving as deputy CIO for 18 months.

THR currently is working on a data center migration, Sudomir says, which is part of the health system's aim of putting a "risk-based lens" on its initiatives.

Two of THR's hospitals house data centers, according to Sudomir, who says he and his colleagues will be working on creating a co-location strategy with high reliability and availability. The process is entering the blueprinting phase soon and migration will start later next year.

In addition, Sudomir says one of his greatest challenges will be security, especially as threats facing the industry continue to grow.

Despite cybersecurity growing as a business priority in healthcare, a large number of professionals in the industry say their facilities have seen a significant security incident recently. Sixty-eight percent of 297 individuals responding to a HIMSS survey in July said there had been an attack on their facility recently.

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