Study: Telemedicine offers clinical, cost benefits for chronic disease care

Here's another piece of research suggesting that remote monitoring and other telehealth approaches may offer some significant clinical and financial benefits, particularly when it comes to managing the care of the chronically ill. The group's report, which draws on existing research, notes that one study found that congestive heart failure patients getting telehomecare saw a 60 percent reduction in hospital admissions, 66 percent decrease in ED visits and a 59 percent cut in pharmacy utilization. Another study reviewed by the group found that diabetics monitored by in-home glucose meters and video conferencing saw bigger cuts in average blood sugar levels than those who weren't monitored.

While the report, from medical device-maker trade group AdvaMed, clearly isn't entirely disinterested, its conclusions are still worth a look. After all, either the studies it cites are on target, in which case they should guide your strategy, or they're not, in which case someone should quickly get to the bottom of why they're showing such such decisive results.

To get more information from the study:
- read this AdvaMed press release
- download the AdvaMed report