SPECT/CT can help treat lower back pain; Resting state MRI can diagnose early stage Parkinson's;

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> A SPECT/CT scan can help interventionalists determine the best course of treatment for lower back pain, according to a study presented last week at the annual meeting of the Society of Nuclear Medicine and Molecular Imaging. The researchers found that three times more patients achieved 70 percent to 100 percent pain relief after being managed following a SPECT/CT scan as compared to those patients who weren't imaged prior to intervention. Announcement

> Researchers from Oxford University have developed an MRI technique that they believe offers promise of diagnosing Parkinson's disease at an early stage. According to a study presented in the journal Neurology, the use of resting-state MRI enabled the researcher to detect early-stage Parkinson's with 85 percent accuracy. Announcement

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> A thumb drive containing more than 33,700 patient records was stolen from an outpatient radiology facility in Santa Rosa, California, earlier this month, St. Joseph Health of Sonoma County officials announced Thursday. The drive was taken from a staff member's locker at the former Redwood Regional Medical Group's office. The back-up X-ray records were being prepared for transfer to Santa Rosa Memorial Hospital's electronic health record. Article

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> Hospitals added nearly 7,000 to the payrolls during the month of May after a period of stagnation, while overall employment increased by the low five figures over the past year. Article

And Finally... A new meaning to shooting for the moon. Article