Sloppy IT use leads to delays in care for U.K. cancer patients; McKesson to acquire Med3000;

> Poor cancer patient tracking was a side effect of a U.K. hospital's use of 17 different computer systems, reports. Close to 3,000 patients had their care delayed as a result of the poor tracking, according to a report created by the NHS Intensive Support Team. Post

> Verizon Enterprise Solutions has unveiled a new cloud portfolio geared toward helping its clients in the healthcare industry meet HIPAA compliance. The system, according to an announcement, will allow healthcare organizations to centralize their data, and will enable the sharing of patient information in near real-time. Announcement

> Landover, Md.-based McKesson Corp. will acquire Pittsburgh-based electronic health record vendor Med3000, Health Data Management reports. Med3000 also sells practice management software to doctors and outsourced services, including accounting, scheduling and billing and collections. Post

And Finally… To some people, this would be terrifying. Article