San Antonio’s eHealthScreenings Wins Verizon Innovation Award for Mobile Technology

San Antonio’s eHealthScreenings Wins Verizon Innovation Award for Mobile Technology

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San Antonio-based eHealthScreenings, the nation’s leading provider of wellness screening services, has won a $10,000 Verizon Innovation Award for a mobile software program that allows the company to send encrypted health data in real time over wireless networks, boosting accuracy and whittling the waiting period for results down to one or two days.

Developed in-house and named e.b.i.t. system™ (Encrypted Biometric Information Transfer™), the software allows on-site health screeners to collect health measurements such as cholesterol levels or body mass index using an Android Tablet and send it directly to eHealthScreenings’ servers safely, accurately and in real time.

“The e.b.i.t. system™ is an industry-first, setting a new bar in the highly competitive business of wellness screening,” said Jason Morgese, eHealthScreenings’ president. “In an industry where speed and accuracy of data are paramount, the e.b.i.t. system™ is helping to revolutionize the way we do business.”

The e.b.i.t. system™ triples the speed of data, making health reports and results available within one to two business days instead of seven to 10. Previously, health screeners manually filled in bubble forms and shipped them to corporate headquarters to be scanned in or inputted by a data entry specialist.

With the e.b.i.t. system™, Android scans a form and uploads personal information. When an on-site health screener enters the client’s biometric data, that information automatically uploads to the home server. The process is fast and reliable due to the superior connectivity and national coverage of Verizon wireless. It also removes a layer of data entry, increasing accuracy of results.

Founded five years ago in San Antonio, eHealthScreenings specializes in on-site health screenings for companies of all sizes, from as few as 25 employees to those with more than 150,000 employees. In addition to major employers, eHealthScreenings performs screenings for wellness providers, disease management companies and insurance companies.

With a network of over 2,000 qualified technicians, 300 affiliated office locations, thousands of lab locations and licensed physicians in every state, eHealthScreenings is able to do on-site screenings anywhere in the nation.

The company won Verizon’s Innovation Award in the medium-size category, which recognizes companies with 50 to 500 employees. Morgese said a portion of the $10,000 award will go to Misericordia, a Chicago-based nonprofit that caters to people with developmental disabilities, and Transplants for Children, a San Antonio-based charity that serves children undergoing organ transplants.

eHealthScreenings is the nation’s leading provider of comprehensive wellness screening services. We specialize in the facilitation of on-site biometric data collection and transfer for third party administrators, EAP companies, wellness providers, Fortune 1,000 companies and other businesses. For more information, visit .

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