Researchers use 3-D printers to create medical implants; Online calculator tests for diabetes;

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> Researchers at Louisiana Tech University are using 3-D printers to create custom medical implants. The concept can result in drug delivering medical implants or catheters. "The material can be loaded with antibiotics or other medicinal compounds, and the implant can be naturally broken down by the body over time," Jeffery Weisman, a doctoral student at Louisiana Tech, said in an announcement. Announcement

> A new online calculator will help doctors determine which patients should be referred for diabetes. A team of researchers led by the University of Edinburgh's Centre for Public Health Sciences created the tool to test people admitted into hospitals for emergency care for diabetes through factors including age, sex and blood-sugar level. Article

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> As hospitals and health systems consolidate into large companies that focus more on the bottom line, healthcare leaders must remember the importance of empathy and humanity, according to a blog post from Eric J. Hall, president & CEO of HealthCare Chaplaincy Network in New York City. Article

> In order to boost patient satisfaction and reduce suffering throughout the healthcare continuum, nurses must improve the perception of patient care that they provide every day, according to Advance Healthcare Network for Nurses. Article

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> Almost 7 million people are eligible to enroll in a plan sold on the health insurance exchanges before the next open enrollment period begins on Nov. 15, says a new report from Enroll America. Article

And Finally...  O, be some other name: What's in a name? Article