Rauland Responder®, EXTENSION® Integration Improves Collaborative Communication Among Care Team, Patients

New interface saves time by providing real-time staff-to-patient assignment information among systems

Rauland , EXTENSION® Integration Improves Collaborative Communication Among Care Team, Patients

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A new staff assignment integration between the Rauland nurse call system and solves challenges for nurses and promises greater staff efficiency and satisfaction.

The software interface – – integrates staff assignment information across multiple hospital systems to improve nursing team workflows and deliver a more complete and timely picture of staff/patient assignments.

The interface allows patient/staff information to be shared across a single front-end to sync electronic medical record (EMR) applications, medical devices, RTLS locating systems and mobile phones with staff assignments. By integrating the nurse call staff assignment function across the multiple systems, helps hospital staff to deliver quality care and balance the on-duty staff patient loads.

Rauland said integration with the EXTENSION® software can save nurses time and reduce the potential for gaps and errors by eliminating the multiple staff assignment data entry previously required – helping to avoid sign-on fatigue. Because assignments are shared seamlessly between the Rauland and EXTENSION systems, overall communication and workflow within a hospital can be enhanced. Alerts, calls, and notifications are prioritized across disparate systems and delivered to the correct nurse’s preferred mobile device, whether it is a smartphone, ruggedized healthcare phone, voice badge, traditional cell phone, or pager.

EXTENSION’s Chief Operating Officer, Josh Mahler, said, “EXTENSION is unique in the middleware space as it can gather information from disparate systems to use as context in alerts that it sends to caregiver’s mobile devices. Now with this integration to the staff assignment data via , EXTENSION can provide new routing, forwarding, and escalation options using current assignments as context. We are proud to be a partner with Rauland on this game-changing integration to provide clinicians with the very best user experience out there.”

is part of Rauland’s nurse call system, an advanced communication solution that enhances overall communication and workflow within a hospital – patient-to-staff, and staff-to-staff.

“ revolutionizes the way nurses work and the way nursing teams work together,” said Maureen Pajerski, Rauland’s VP of Marketing and Sales. “Nothing happens in the nursing environment until the patient assignment is made. maximizes the time and skills of the nursing teams on-duty and makes the most of electronic medical records by sharing information between systems. Responder does this by managing nurses’ time, balancing workloads, allowing for adjustable shifts, and providing a single source of truth.”

“Supporting clearly demonstrates our on-going commitment to Rauland as an influential market leader in the nurse call segment,” states Brad Gellman, Strategic Partner Relations Director at EXTENSION. He adds, “We are all very excited about the integration and commend Rauland for facilitating vendor collaboration. In today’s world, sharing information across disparate vendor applications is expected to reduce the strain put on end users. This solution will directly impact both efficiency and safety by reducing the need for duplicate data entry that often times leads to errors and omissions, as well as end user frustration.”

EXTENSION® offers that facilitate instant communication between patients and clinicians. Our solutions enhance (wireless phones, smartphones, and communication badges) used as clinical workflow tools by aggregating data from various clinical, IT, and business systems and delivering time-critical alerts to the devices. By establishing repeatable and reliable processes with EXTENSION's advanced workflow software, healthcare systems improve patient safety, patient and staff satisfaction, and efficiency.

helps staff deliver the best possible patient care, with fast, direct communication, flexible integration, intelligent call routing and real-time reporting. Responder helps gather data real-time for easier decision-making, optimized workflow and enhanced patient care and satisfaction, with an enhanced open architecture that integrates to a variety of wireless phones, pagers and location systems.

Rauland-Borg is a respected leader in the design and delivery of advanced communications, workflow and life-safety solutions for hospitals and education worldwide. Local service and support is delivered through a nationwide network of certified distributors. Learn more at: .


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