Radiologist shares insights for practicing patient-centered care

In a recent interview with Diagnostic Imaging, Mary Mahoney, M.D., a professor of radiology and vice chair of research at the University of Cincinnati Medical Center and the chair of the Radiology Society of North America's task force on Radiology Cares, shares several suggestions for practicing patient-centered care.

For instance, Mahoney says, radiologists should be more visible to their patients, either making the effort to personally greet them or ensuring that their waiting room experience includes exposure to the radiologist's biographical information and an explanation of his or her expertise. In addition, she says, radiology offices can take the old-fashioned step of sending thank you notes to patients, signed by any staff member who interacted with the patient during the visit.

Other steps, according to Mahoney, include attending tumor boards, educating the community about the specialty, and taking the Radiology Cares pledge, an initiative of the Radiological Society of North America that is aimed at encourage more radiologist-patient interaction. Article


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