QuantiaMD tackles physician burnout with online tools

Officials at online physician learning collaborative QuantiaMD say they'll use online learning tools and social networking to help doctors live healthier with the launch of its new Physician Wellbeing Special Interest Group (SIG). The idea is to provide online educational videos, discussion groups, case studies, testimonials and other resources to help doctors engage with their own health, according to a press release yesterday.

The SIG also has created an online survey to tease out the toughest health issues for physicians. Early results show that among "physician members ... almost half want to prioritize their wellbeing, but currently do not," officials said.

The program is kicking off with a focus on burnout and stress. The SIG website already provides an interactive training series on burnout, and is working on two more on exercise and fitness as ways to combat stress and burnout. It also provides expert advice on legal and financial topics, which can be top stressors among physicians.

Officials said they hope the SIG resources will create "an active dialogue among physicians facing challenges of caring for themselves as they strive to care for others."

To learn more:
- read the QuantiaMD press release