Providers Speed Up Rates of Live Installations and Adoption of Meaningful Use Certified CPOE

Orem, Utah - August 9, 2011- The incorporation of computerized physician order entry (CPOE) in U.S. hospitals has accelerated significantly since the passage of ARRA in 2009. CPOE 2011: The ARRA Effect is the latest KLAS report to offer insights for hospital administrators as they respond to increasing pressure to meet the first meaningful use (MU) deadlines.

"As Stage 1 meaningful use deadlines approach, more and more hospitals and clinics are adopting CPOE," said Jason Hess, author of the report. "Reviewing eight consecutive years of KLAS research on CPOE adoption, we see that before ARRA an average of 87 hospitals went live with CPOE each year; since ARRA passed, that average has jumped to 233 per year. This tells us that vendors have to be ready to respond to the growing demand- sooner rather than later."

The 2011 CPOE study features data collected from virtually every hospital in the United States known to have gone live with CPOE in 2009-2010. As the number of live CPOE sites increases, along with the speed and depth of adoption, vendors and their customers are being tested. This KLAS report answers the question of who is rising to the challenge.

Cerner and Epic hospitals are currently leading the pack. Cerner's Millennium PowerChart has more hospitals live with CPOE than any other vendor in the study and has helped their customers achieve deeper levels of adoption. In fact, an average of 81 percent of orders are being entered via CPOE in the Cerner hospitals that have gone live since 2009. Epic, with EpicCare Inpatient, ranked second in total live sites and had an average of 83 percent of orders being entered with CPOE. Both Cerner and Epic have approximately doubled their number of live CPOE sites since 2009.

McKesson is working hard to keep up, making progress in CPOE with both their Horizon and Paragon customers and growing from 37 to 90 installations of Horizon at the end of 2010 with 45 percent adoption; their new offering (Paragon) has brought its first 11 sites live in 2010, achieving an average 25 percent adoption. The number of MEDITECH C/S live CPOE sites has more than doubled; although their MAGIC product has not seen as much acceptance, adoption is deeper at the hospitals where MAGIC CPOE is live. Siemens has apparently overcome Soarian's past CPOE challenges, tripling the number of live CPOE sites in 2009 and then tripling them again in 2010 for a total of 31 live sites.

Also ranking in the report are Allscripts, whose Sunrise Clinical Manager (SCM) was an early leader in CPOE penetration but has fallen behind in recent years; GE Healthcare, who has lost momentum in recent years and added one CPOE site; and QuadraMed, who has added just four sites in the past two years with both Affinity and CPR. Among other community-focused vendors such as CPSI, Healthland, HMS, Keane, and Siemens MedSeries4, CPSI is leading-moving from 30 to 67 installed CPOEs since 2009. The others are struggling to roll out the functionality.

"For MU Stage 1," added Hess, "the bar for CPOE adoption has been set relatively low, so the biggest hurdle providers must overcome to qualify for MU incentive payments is just getting CPOE live and functioning. As we move into later stages of MU, CPOE vendors that have worked out how to help customers achieve deep adoption will be the ones hospitals and clinics look to in the future."

For more information about the CPOE market, as well as the strengths and weaknesses of measured vendors, CPOE 2011: The ARRA Effectis available to healthcare providers online for a significant discount off the standard retail price. To purchase, healthcare providers and vendors can visit

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