PrescribeWellness Upgrades Preventive Healthcare Platform

LinkWellness Dashboard 3.0 streamlines workflow, improves patient-provider relationships

PrescribeWellness Upgrades Preventive Healthcare Platform

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improved the preventive care capabilities for thousands of users today with the release of LinkWellness Dashboard 3.0, updating its Software-as-a-Service patient engagement system with new features to allow better workflow management and improved patient-provider communications.

LinkWellness 3.0 delivers important benefits to patients and improvements for the healthcare professionals that interact with this dashboard every day to administer medication adherence, chronic disease management, transitional care collaboration and other population health services. These software upgrades make it easier to identify, recruit, schedule, perform, monitor and sustain these critical patient needs, making it a must-have to manage patient relationships in today’s changing healthcare environment.

“Every once in a while a company comes along that revolutionizes an industry,” said Martin J. Kendra RPh, president at Birdsboro Pharmacy, Inc. “I think PrescribeWellness is on the cusp to do just that with their new LinkWellness Dashboard 3.0.”

New features to the powerful interface include unique segmentation revealing at-risk patients, adherence levels and other activities that drive new levels of automated patient engagement. LinkWellness 3.0 incorporates appointment-based programs, MTM (Medication Therapy Management) support, med-time reminders and other adherence services.

“Never before have pharmacists been able to see at a glance where they rank in loyalty and adherence compared to industry averages and take action at the push of a button,” said Babbington. “The incorporation of patient measurements within the new Part D Star Ratings shows where your pharmacy ranks within and how to improve these critical quality metrics.”

Additional features and benefits within the enhanced graphical dashboard interface include:

“Getting millions of Americans enrolled in the healthcare exchange is the easy part – the bigger challenge will actually be providing preventive care,” said Babbington. “The Affordable Care Act has realigned incentives to focus on prevention and quality. Now more than ever, community healthcare professionals, pharmacists, hospitals and employers are on the front lines of preventive care; the ability to keep their patient population healthy weighs heavily on reimbursements. LinkWellness 3.0 connects the dots between the preventive services and providers.”

“America is facing an aging population and a shortage of primary care physicians. Physicians simply don’t have enough time to provide the educational and motivational services required to help patients stay compliant to their therapy and better manage their chronic disease,” said Dr. Al Damus, PrescribeWellness Chief Medical Officer. “The new LinkWellness Dashboard has been modified to empower community pharmacists and population health managers to take on an assortment of new roles through enhanced workflows serving the community and improving patient health.”

PrescribeWellness was founded in 2010 with a mission of reducing healthcare costs and improving health in America. The company delivers cloud-based communications and facilitates collaboration of healthcare providers, family and other stakeholders to improve care and outcomes. Today, PrescribeWellness helps millions of patients receive communications from their providers supporting population health, medication adherence, chronic disease management, and transitional care. For more information, visit .