Pregnancy tracker gets funding from Lightbank; Blue Button now has an iPhone app;

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> Boston-based startup Lightbank has invested $1.4 million in Ovuline, a technology which helps women get pregnant by tracking their fertility. The company says it can cut in half the time it takes women to get pregnant with user-provided data. Ovuline's next product will allow women who are pregnant to monitor their heart rate, blood pressure, weight and other data. Article

> Gov. Matt Mead of Wyoming is pursuing his own health agenda even as federal reform comes to his state. Mead wants to promote electronic records and physician practices focused on value over volume. Article 

> Blue Button, the federal program that lets veterans and others download their medical records, now has an app: 37 million BlueButton users can now use an iPhone or iPad to download their records via iBlueButton. Article

Health Imaging News

> While it is standard practice to repeat CT scans on patients within 24 hours after bleeding within the brain has been detected, researchers publishing in the January issue of the journal Neurosurgery have determined that a second CT is unnecessary in cases where the condition of patients is unchanged or they have improved neurologically. Article 

Healthcare Reimbursement News

> The U.S. Department of Health & Human Services conditionally approved eight more states to operate health insurance exchanges. Article

> Health insurers won't likely be seeing much competition from a potentially new source of health insurance--consumer oriented and operated plans. Article

And Finally... This is why people say cats are smarter than dogs. Article


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