PathCentral Takes the Wraps off AP Anywhere® Express – Plug-and-Play Offering Designed for Emerging Pathology Groups Requiring Core LIS Services

<0> PathCentral Takes the Wraps off AP AnywhereExpress – Plug-and-Play Offering Designed for Emerging Pathology Groups Requiring Core LIS Services </0>

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PathCentral (), a technology-enabled company dedicated to the success of the pathology community, today unveiled its AP Anywhere Express Anatomic Pathology Laboratory Information System (APLIS).

Designed and tailored for smaller and start-up pathology practices, AP Anywhere Express is a streamlined, web-based turnkey adaptation of PathCentral’s marquee AP Anywhere APLIS technology. The Express version is specifically designed to grow with emerging practices. The technology delivers a one-step electronic platform to meet pathologists’ tech-only testing and varied case type needs, including regular surgical, non-gyn cytology, process only and pathology consultation diagnostics and analysis.

AP Anywhere Express is easy to use and quick to deploy. In most cases, groups can be up and running in as little as four weeks. The system was designed for plug-and-play execution around a simple, intuitive template. Because Express is not tethered to a standard, large-scale IT system, it does not require a special interface and can be implemented across the pathology team practice in short order. The system is aggressively priced, making it especially attractive for smaller, growing players in the market.

“We’re seeking to provide pathologists with the tools they need to be more successful – in running their practice and in delivering better quality diagnostics that take less time and cost less money,” said Jaye Connolly, CEO of PathCentral. “Our new web-based AP Anywhere Express technology is an ideal example of innovation created to foster business growth. Smaller, start-up pathology groups simply can’t carry the overhead of a huge IT implementation – they need a nimble, rapid deployment solution that can grow with them, as their business expands.”

At the core of AP Anywhere Express is customizable reporting technology that enables pathologists to quickly organize their data and generate reports for requesting physicians. The system delivers laboratory management reporting (billing, QA/QC, data, workflow), distribution, transcription, search, and new revenue capture opportunities that are ideal for a pathology practice looking to expand its customer base while improving efficiency.

In addition to state-of-the-art analysis and reporting, AP Anywhere Express is customer-friendly, enabling clients to request tests online from their location, instead of relying on expensive and outdated manual test request forms. AP Anywhere Express is completely paperless – ideal for the healthcare’s industry EMR transition – and can deliver end-to-end specimen barcode tracking to ensure patient safety and information security.

The system also supports grossing, histology, and full “real time” functionality, making it the industry’s most robust baseline digital diagnostic toolset. Additionally, because it is designed to be a fully customizable tool, AP Anywhere Express enables growing pathology groups to deliver results under their own identity, using a private branding function that enables them to apply their own logos and colors schematics to reports.

Through its comprehensive suite of products and services, PathCentral provides independent community-based pathologists with the tools they need to increase revenues, improve operating efficiencies, ensure patient safety, and become highly competitive in their local markets. With its blend of leading edge IT web computing technology and global connectivity, PathCentral intends to enable pathologists around the world to grow, thrive and more effectively meet the demands of 21 Century diagnostic medicine. For more information, please visit ; for information on the PathCentral Pathology Network, visit .