OR controlled by web-connected devices; Registry would protect consumers against fraud pharmacists;

> Baystate Medical Center in Springfield, Mass., has installed an HTML-based control interface designed to run on any device with a web browser. "In effect; smartphones, tablets and integrated all-in-one PCs become the control service now," Jim Hatcher, CTO for Human Circuit, the media integration company that worked on the project, said. "Our new 'untethered' workflow is an innovative and easy-to-use solution for system control, communication and video distribution in the OR." Announcement

> A new medical device can speed up the diagnosis of metastatic melanoma by emitting laser light into enriched blood cell samples consisting of millions of white blood cells and possibly cancer cells. The light is absorbed only by the melanin within the cancer cells and generates high-frequency acoustic responses that are picked up by sensors in a photoacoustic flow meter. The result is immediate detection of melanoma cells--before deadly tumors show up. Announcement

> A new bill calls for the development of a registry of safe online pharmacies to help consumers avoid illegal online pharmacies and websites that sell counterfeit drugs. The bill's sponsor, Rep. Bill Cassidy (R-La.) said pharmacies, Google and several other stakeholders support the measure, according to his staffers. Article

And Finally... Turns out the Attorney General was bluffing. Article

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