New Para IV Plus Database Prepared by MP Advisors Now Available at

New Para IV Plus Database Prepared by MP Advisors Now Available at

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What does Para IV plus pipeline look like? What are the most prominent products and brands? What are the top players in the global Para IV plus arena? What are the recent significant activities in the sphere? What are the recent trends and developments related to Para IV plus? How can be the competitive pressure evaluated? What are possible ways to enter Para IV litigations space? What are major Para IV opportunities?

Answers to all these key questions and a lot more are available in the topical study drawn up by MP Advisors. The study provides comprehensive legal understanding of each product as regards its litigation and also measures taken outside of courts; and also identifies cases that are not litigated and claims of generics accepted by innovators. The database serves as a tool with in-depth insights for every product (and not just every litigation); contains data on the leading companies, sales dynamics and product launches. It presents information obtained from court filings and judgments official filings, and announcements of the companies. Moreover, the database outlines opportunities thrown up on ongoing Para IV litigations and sheds light on the possible development trends in the Para IV space.

Title:Published: May, 2013Price:US$ 8,000.00

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