Medical Information Teams Overcome Physician Access Challenges with Mobile Technology

Cutting Edge Information finds that mobile apps help field forces and medical information teams better track physician conversations

Medical Information Teams Overcome Physician Access Challenges with Mobile Technology

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The impact of mobile technology is changing the face of medical information, as well as drug companies’ field-forces, according to a new study by Cutting Edge Information. The rapid growth and accessibility of smartphones and tablets has revolutionized communication with healthcare providers. Some feel that these devices may help pharmaceutical companies overcome previous physician access challenges.

Cutting Edge Information’s new study, “ and Call Center Management” explores medical information teams’ use of mobile technology. The study found that many pharmaceutical companies now provide tablets to their (MSLs) and sales reps. This technology allows them to submit clinician requests directly to the company through form-based apps.

The often proprietary medical information apps allow companies to better track inquiries for documentation purposes. They also allow teams to collaborate with to monitor trends in a product’s off-label inquiries. Research suggests that this inquiry monitoring may also allow companies to find trends that could signal noncompliant activities.

“If the company identifies a spike in one off-label question, the medical information team may develop a new standard response document to distribute through the call center,” explains Ryan McGuire, Research Team Leader at Cutting Edge Information. “If the majority of incoming inquiries skew toward off-label inquiries, it could indicate that sales reps are inadvertently triggering an off-label discussion, which would carry significant compliance risks.”

“Medical Information Teams and Call Center Management,” , is designed to help pharmaceutical companies better manage medical information teams’ operations, including their call centers. Use this report to:

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