MEDHOST Adds Comprehensive Perioperative Solution to Best-of-Breed Healthcare Technology Portfolio

<0> Solution supports anesthesia management, patient safety initiatives, workflow and financial improvements </0>

MEDHOST Adds Comprehensive Perioperative Solution to Best-of-Breed Healthcare Technology Portfolio

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MEDHOST, provider of leading healthcare throughput and emergency department software, today announced that it has expanded its portfolio of easy-to-use, intuitive healthcare software with the addition of the Advanced Perioperative Information Management System (PIMS). As a comprehensive, clinician-driven suite of applications, PIMS supports the entire continuum of surgical care, from initial consult, complete anesthesia and nurse charting and decision support to post-surgery discharge, and helps enhance clinical outcomes while improving provider efficiency, regulatory compliance and reimbursement.

MEDHOST added the Vanderbilt University Medical Center-built perioperative solution to its portfolio through the acquisition of Acuitec, LLC by HealthTech, a healthcare information technology company of which MEDHOST is a part.

“With the MEDHOST Advanced Perioperative Information Management System, surgery departments – generally a large source of revenue and costs for providers – can be more efficiently managed to maximize their positive impact on overall facility efficiency and profitability,” said Craig Herrod, president of MEDHOST. “We’re excited to bring even more value to MEDHOST Customers by adding this dynamic perioperative solution to our offerings.”

Like MEDHOST’s industry-leading Emergency Department Information System (EDIS), the development of applications in the MEDHOST PIMS solution was heavily influenced by clinicians so it would fit within existing perioperative workflows rather than inconvenience surgeons, anesthesiologists or nurses.

“Software that doesn’t complement how clinicians think and work will only result in lack of use, and worse, be detrimental to patient care, safety and satisfaction,” added Herrod. “MEDHOST PIMS aligns with workflows that clinicians already know, so it is very quickly and widely adopted. Because PIMS replaces paper charts with instantly available digital data, clinicians involved in the perioperative cycle like anesthesiologists can complete tasks faster and more accurately while spending more quality time with patients.”

Benefits and features of MEDHOST PIMS include:

is dedicated to advancing healthcare IT by developing user-friendly software solutions that improve house-wide operations, patient flow, financial performance, and patient care, safety and satisfaction. Its intuitive, easy-to-use solutions align with end-user workflow, and that’s why clinicians, as well as executives, prefer MEDHOST over anything else. MEDHOST’s has transformed hundreds of emergency departments into models of efficiency and profitability. is a comprehensive, clinician-driven suite of applications that supports the entire continuum of surgical care, from initial consult to post-surgery discharge. streamlines the admission of patients by breaking down communication silos and patient-flow bottlenecks between the ED and inpatient units. provides a real-time, enterprise-wide view so executives and hospital leaders can easily manage day-to-day operations, proactively identify house-wide process management and patient-flow issues, and detect financial outliers and high-impact patients. MEDHOST, headquartered in Plano, Texas, is part of , a health information technology company with Enterprise solutions and market-leading Best-of-Breed technologies that deliver healthcare providers and administrators unparalleled value for better managing care and the business of healthcare. HealthTech’s family of companies includes (HMS), and .

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